The first experimental confirmations of changes in crystal structures under the action of a torsion field were obtained at the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR by Prof. MVKurik in 1989 and published in 1991. [4] The object of the study was bile which from a chemical point of view is a mixture of cholesterics. 

Fig.1. Photographs of micellar structures with an increase of 60,000, obtained by natural evaporation of the solution (magnification 300 times) a – control b – crystallization under the action of a static torsion field. 

In the control of the natural evaporation of a thin layer of the solution of cholesterics in the Petri dish, a standard crystal pattern appears (Fig. 1a). Under the action of a static torsion field, the crystallization of holisterics with the natural evaporation of a thin layer of solution in a Petri dish, micellar structures are observed, as indicated in Fig. 1b. The effect of the torsion field was expressed in increasing the lattice spacing by 2.5 times and increasing the size of fractals by 3 times.
It was found that the nature of crystallization varies in inorganic substances. These works were carried out under the guidance of the director of the Scientific Center of Tomsk Polytechnic University, Ph.D. V.I. Lunev The object of research was the crystallization process of KCl. 

Fig.2. The scheme of the experiment on the effect of torsion radiation on the crystallization process of KCI.

In one Petri dish (Fig. 2a), the crystallization process of KCl was observed in the control. The central part of the second Petri dish was exposed to a torsion field (Fig. 2b). In the control (Fig. 2a), the formed crystals are distributed over the area on average evenly at some distance from each other. Along with transparent crystals, there are matte (white in the picture) crystals. In the experiment (Fig. 2b), in the central part, where the torsion field operated, only transparent crystals were formed, densely filling this central part. For the remaining area, outside the zone of action of the torsion field, the field of crystals is completely identical, as in the control. 
After the effect of the torsion field on the crystallization of various substances was established, a lot of work was done on studying the effects of torsion fields on the melts.

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