Luc Montagnier DNA teleportation

Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves

Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures


This 10 year long collaborative work has yielded some scientific facts and concepts in a new domain of Science at the frontier of Biology and quantum field Physics. A new property of some DNA molecules has been discovered, that of emitting low frequency electromagnetic waves in water dilutions. These DNAs originate from pathogenic agents or agents endowed with pathogenic potential. It may be not pure coincidence that such EMS are associated with diseases, particularly chronic diseases. Under natural conditions EMS and water nanostructures may play a role of stealthy elements carrying DNA information of infectious agents while being undetected by the immune system or being insensitive to conventional therapies (Fig. 6). However, one cannot discard the possibility that DNA waves can play a role in the physiology of living entities. Moreover, in the laboratory, we have shown for the first time that EMS can be re-transcribed into DNA in living cells. These cells are so far of tumoral origin, opening the way to non-invasive treatments of cancers, assuming that normal stem cells are not affected, or less affected. Thus, this new biology that we can call after Jacques Benveniste, Digital Biology, has a very promising future, both at the level of quantum Physics, and in numerous medical applications. From the point of view of the theoretical understanding of the observed phenomena, the discussion above presented suggests that the dynamical law of coherence acts as a law of form inducing guided polymerization processes (controlling morphogenesis): the specific polymerization so obtained is the expression of the semantic content of the EMS mentioned in the previous Section, by us referred to as the signal meaning. The dynamics of coherence appears to play the role of dynamic paradigm ruling the ordering (polymerization) processes through dissipative non-equilibrium dynamics controlled by entropy variations and the consequent appearance of the arrow of time (breakdown of timereversal symmetry) (Celeghini, Rasetti and Vitiello, 1992; Vitiello, 2012, 2014). The experiments discussed in this paper suggest that also in the usual PCR processes the DNA duplication is obtained due to the EMS emitted by the parent DNA in the environment of reciprocal inter-actions with water molecules, enzymes, primers and nucleotides in the solution. The EMS appears thus to be the carrier of the coherence expressed in the DNA code. One might conjecture (Vitiello, 2014) that modifications are induced in the properties of the EMS resulting in the “deformation”3 of coherence (e.g.
3 In the jargon of coherent states, the word deformation, or also q-deformation, refers to the technically well defined process of “squeezing” of the coherent state. For technical details see (Yuen, 1976; Celeghini, De Martino, De Siena, et al. 1995).
such as those, but not only those, induced by the observed bacterial actions; cf. Section II.B). This may play a role in epigenetic modifications, thus revealing the appearance of “new meanings” (in the above mentioned sense) associated to deformed properties of EMS. DNA appears to be the vehicle through which coherence and its dynamical deformations propagate in living matter (Vitiello, 2014)


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