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Luc Montagnier DNA teleportation

Transduction of DNA information through water and electromagnetic waves Electromagnetic Signals Are Produced by Aqueous Nanostructures   IV. CONCLUSION AND...

Lithium niobate pyramid LiNbO3

Nonlinear lithium niobate LN crystals are widely used as frequency doublers for wavelength larger than 1000 µm, as optical parametric...

Medical Coil Mishina Fabrication and setup

Medical coil Mishina in the treatment of diseases. More than a hundred years, humanity has widespread uses electrical energy. Produced...

Torsion generator

Known names: Akimov torsion generator, small generator, electrical generator torsional Development (year): end of 80x (Soviet Union) Production: not possible...

Device IGA-1 – principle of operation and functional diagram

Device IGA-1 – principle of operation and functional diagram Device IGA-1 refers to developments in the field of ecology, medicine...

Vernada Geo

Vernada Geo – protection from the negative effects of Wi-Fi and geopathic zones in the room Device Vernada Geo –...

Electrotorsion generator Akimova

Electrotorsion generator Akimova Circuitry electroforming generator has nothing to do with circuitry of conventional electronics and, if such a device...

Holographic matrix, tertyshny, Georgy Georgievich

Physicist tertyshny, Georgy Georgievich – Cand. tech. Sciences. In 2000 -2001 G. G. Club “Dia-Elite” of the Russian Diabetic Association...


Sound as the carrier of a biologically active information polarization-laser-wave spectra. The results of the study show, that the impact...

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