qUantum music


To create quantum music we use method of laser spectroscopy, we recorded the response of the spin state of the reflected photons from the pictures.
We translate the recorded spectrum to the frequencies of audible speech in wav format. When you listen to such a spectrum recorded from your photo in infancy when you be healthy, so you open the door of quantum connection with you in the past and with you in now.  It helps your body to recover and slow down aging.

The next step is to translate the resulting spinor audio spectrum into notes and create a unique audiovisual meditation based on the your photo.

People who strive to improve spiritually, mentally, physically, are interested in different practices that can realize these tasks. Meditation is the most well-known and common practice that can help a person to achieve peace of mind, learn to get rid of stress, improve emotional and physical health, and bring many other positive changes in their lives.

We create for you a unique and inimitable melody based on your image.
Working in meditative practice with our audiovisual meditations created on the basis of your image you get a lot of positive changes in your body and spirit.
Purification of mind and body, reducing stress hormones in the body. While working in meditation practice with our videomediated there was a reduction in heart rate and respiration. The immune system improves, the person feels a charge of vivacity and energy. Increases the overall energy of the body. The person feels an overabundance of energy, so any deal done with ease. Now you can do more and do much better.

The body becomes more hardened and practices easier to tolerate excess heat, cold, and geomagnetic changes.

Some begins to glow with a pleasant blush on his cheeks, lost the morbid paleness or yellowness.

People or lose weight, or rather gaining. He comes to the weight of the body, which is peculiar to him by nature.

Meditating with our audiovisual video meditations grows older and lives longer. And in old age feels perfectly, almost as in early life.

But it is at the level of physiology. However, there are also psychological effects: a decrease in the level of depression, stress, anxiety. A person becomes able to better control his emotions and, as a consequence, improve relationships with others. Fear and self-doubt disappear, you can even forget about bad habits!


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