Holographic matrix

[Peter Gariaev, Ph.D., is renowned for his discovery of the “DNA Phantom Effect” and as one of the founders of Wave-based Genetics. The basic concept of the revolutionary approach to morphogenesis proposed and developed by Dr. Gariaev’s team of geneticists and linguists combines physical models of holographic associative memory and mathematical formalism having to do with intrinsic wave patterns in DNA. The underlying principles of holographic storage and solitonic wave transfer of morphogenetic information reveal previously unknown “ener-genetic” aspects of biological systems functioning. This new insight into the nature of morphogenesis makes it possible to treat the genome as a holographic bio-computer that generates endogenous solitonic acoustic and electromagnetic (sound and light) waves to carry 4D epigenetic (alternative coding) information used by biosystems for spatial and temporal self-organizing. In other words, this new model of genetic creation establishes the primacy of energetic, as opposed to biochemical, activity in directing cellular metabolism and replication–a notion that, when finally accepted by the mainstream, will radically transform genetic science. For more information:

Holographic matrix, tertyshny, Georgy Georgievich

Physicist tertyshny, Georgy Georgievich – Cand. tech. Sciences. In 2000 -2001 G. G. Club “Dia-Elite” of the Russian Diabetic Association...